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Critical Perspectives on Management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3250 words

Critical Perspectives on Management - Essay Example This research investigated the Derrida's views on the worth of deconstruction for management students and vital aspects of deconstruction between managerial decision-making of managers and a set of specified contingent situational training factors: decision type, perceived skill requirements, and objective skill inputs (Bowie N. E.,2002). The term deconstruction was coined by French philosopher Jacques Derrida in the 1960s and is used in contemporary humanities and social sciences to denote a philosophy of meaning that deals with the ways that meaning is constructed by writers, texts, and readers and understood by readers (Campbell J., 2002). One way of understanding the term is that it involves discovering, recognizing, and understanding the underlying and unspoken and implicit assumptions, ideas, and frameworks that form the basis for thought and belief. It has various shades of meaning in different areas of study and discussion, and is, by its very nature, difficult to define with out depending on "un-deconstructed" concepts (Ciulla J. B., 2005, 5-28). The results show a significant training for management student and relationship between the choice of decision styles and the postulated contingency variables. Only 1% of 615 senior managers consistently use a single decision style, more than two-thirds use four or five different styles. Very large variations occur as a function of different decision tasks, perceived skill requirements and objective skill availability (Cropanzano R.).According to the expert analysis, Derrida has been called a philosopher, anti-philosopher, fictional theorist, fictional subverter and thinker joker. But his innermost doctrines are clear. For management students, his conceptions are a source of excel once we use language (speech or writing) to submit to actuality, that realism is linguistically formulated and therefore undetermined. Import is not impressive preexisting in the mind that we move violently to articulate. Like the maj or logical schools of management students for talking philosophy from Hume onwards, and different from Saussure, Derrida does not consider words as the appearance of ideas (Bowie N. E.,2002).

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War in Iraq and the US Economic Growth- History of the war in Iraq Essay Example for Free

War in Iraq and the US Economic Growth- History of the war in Iraq Essay Iraq was also known as occupation of Iraq began in 2003 march 20th led by United States. The president of US then George W. Bush, the Prime minister of United Kingdom by then Tony Blair, Prime minister of Spain by then Jose Maria Aznar, and domestic foreign supporters accused Iraq of possession of weapons of mass destruction, which was against the 1991 agreement to unconditionally give them up. This triggered one of the most historically long wars since the Vietnam War. It’s estimated that the war has caused as many deaths and resources as the Vietnam War. (BBC news 26 Nov 2007). The war is still on but key figures in the war have already been eliminated. Among them are sadaam Hussein and his sons. Impact of the War on US Economy As Wall Street reports the most recent advances of the battle, in Iraq, Economist are on the other hand worried that the war might be affecting employment, consumer confidence, and a service industry show down. According the government realized labor figures on April 4 statistics showed that economy had lost 108,000 jobs in March, more than the expected number which was 36,000. More so, the unemployment rate was steady at 5. 8% following discouragement of more people (hopes for quick war April 2003). The increase in unemployment not only affects the individuals but also the economy at large since the government invests a lot on charity in order to take care of citizens who cannot afford basic needs In addition, the crime rates are increasing at a faster rate. As manufacturers on the other hand lay off workers, there is a fall in the institute for supply management’s index for non manufacturing businesses in the service industry. This industry indicates 85% of US economic activities. Thus a fall basically means that a big percentage of economic activities are reducing. Consumer confidence has also been greatly reduced. According to study from university of Michigan consumer confidence was lowest in 9 years. With consumers hope gone people tend to do minimal buying especially of high worth assets. This brings about less money in supply and hence a slow movement of economic progress due to minimal economic activities. Economic growth has slowed in the US. This is due to the softness of the economy. Long term goals of the government to attack Iraq remain unclear. This is slowing the US economy because a large portion of money has already been injected in the war, placing other government plans to broaden the economy at a stand still. Little or no help is likely to be coming from other nations to rebuild Iraq. The Bush Administration alienated so many of its European allies with its unilateral action; it also put European bidders so far from USA government contracts for reconstruction projects. This means the only people who might benefit from such contracts are the Americans. Britons can not hence fund the Americans to do what will only benefit Americans. Financial markets are taking a dark view due to the engagement of the government in war that has brought a budget deficit. This is leaving the state money in circulation less than normal. As a result the prospective investors in stock Market cannot access enough liquidity to invest. With a country’s stock index going town, economic growth is mostly low due to the fact that many economies growth is determined partly by economic activities and financial performance. The war in Iraq might be of negative impact too. Now that uncertainties from war in Iraq have not ended and souring oil prices are trying though not yet the uncertainties might not be eliminated in a short time and the war might not be economic benefit to US. With the US government suffering a budget deficit, it might be difficult for the economy to move forward. Analyst approximated $100 billion, to rebuild and secure Iraq. Such and expenditure added to the already existing deficit will not only slow the entire economic growth of American but also drag it behind. Since the start of the Iraq war, the price of oil shot up from $37 a barrel to over 90$ a barrel. Consistent disruptions from the war have affected oil prices; however one cannot argue that the Iraq war is wholly responsible for the rise in the oil prices. Oil prices have brought negative financial status in the US by transferring approximately $124 billion from US to other oil producing companies in different counties between 2003 and 2008. (Jeannine Averssa Economics writer Tue. Nov. 13) High oil price can slow economic growth of a particular country especially by slowing the spending and rate of investment by consumers and business. This is through limiting the circulation of money. When people reduce the spending power, financial institutions like banks don’t get to lend more hence the bank loans, sale of government securities and activities economic development automatically slows down. Interest changed on money borrowed to by the US Government according report had over $850 billions. Recently the debts interests hit $9 trillion. With an economy’s money being moved out at such rates economic growth of any particular economy has to be slowed (Associated press 2007) U. S decided that it will keep its short term interests rates unchanged. The US federal reserve (Fed) said in a statement that the hesitancy of the US economic expansion appears to owe importantly to oil price premiums and other aspects of geographical uncertainties. † The fed has stressed that policy makers couldn’t assess the risks of future US economy given all the uncertainties over the Iraq situation. (Xinhua News Agency march 22, 2003). This is a dangerous report for any particular economy since the central government is responsible for giving confidential report concerning the governments’ position economically. This means the fed is genuinely foreseeing a dark if not unpredictable future. The Iraq war has also created division among US residents and between bush administrations and opposition leaders. This is being reflected on the economic growth of the country. Currently the US is divided between those who feel that the Bush administration is right, and those that totally oppose it, especially those parents whose sons died in Iraq war and those whose sons are still in Iraq. As a result of the division team spirit has been lost for the country. This is affecting the nation economically since productivity rate is low. However, Bush administration, is trying out economic recovery strategies; like conducting a highly responsible fiscal policy, like taxing the richest individuals heavily. However, economists urge that tax cuts are for more political than they are simulative. Effects in Our Economy today â€Å"People pointed out how war against Iraq may not be compensated for soon enough by other oil producing countries. This is because most members of organization of petroleum exporting countries do not have much additional production capacity. The decline in world prices for oil may not go down as people expect. † (JEANNINE 2000) The Iraq war has hence led to our economy being affected by the oil prices moving up. The hiking of oil prices, in the global economy has resulted to high commodity prices all over the world Economists will urge that many commodities that incur transportation cost in order to be sold, will raise price with a rise in oil prices. This shifts the entire living standards high without increasing the income of individuals. The war in Iraq has hence worsened humanity’s standards of living globally. War in Iraq has also reduced the funding of 3rd world countries by developed countries. Countries that received aid from US for instance have had their economies run bankrupt since the US is facing a deficit budget also. This calls for other stable economies like Japan to cost share by lending to poor countries. the intervention of these other countries brings about extra cost on their side and thus what could have been done say by Japan cannot be done simply because it used the cash to help. This is lowering the chances for innovation by technologically improved countries like Japan and generally lowering the standards of living instead of improving them. Total global energy supplies are declining yet the worlds economy cannot grow beyond its energy budget. The Iraq war has affected this negatively since the world’s civilization will decline with its energy budget. This will happen has the American President instructs his citizens to hold on. If this happens oil will be available still as it will remain in the ground. But then it will be useless as the cost of extracting it will move than the cost selling the oil itself. Conclusion Many theories and suggestions have been advanced regarding the impact of Iraq war and magnitude. Considering the many articles written different opinions aired via media and internet, yes their might be an advantage of the Iraq war to our general economy or the US economy to be more specific, but so far the war seems to have been more of a disaster than problem solving decision. Works cited JEANNINE AVERSA Cost of Iraq war could surpass $1 trillion .Report Puts Hidden war Costs at $1. 6T, AP Economics Writer Tue Nov 13, 6:21 PM ET Global Interdependence: The war in Iraq and the u. s Economy Markets buoyed by hopes for quick war,, but long term outlook is dim. Date Posted on Global Envision: April 16, 2003 Martin Wok. Chief economics correspondent. MSNBC. Updated 4:25 p. m. PT, Fri. , March. 17, 2006 I. f stone . An institute for the rest of us. Institute for policy studies. 1963 Dean Baker. The economic impact of Iraq war and higher military spending. Center for economic and policy research Washington . 2000

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Adolf Hitler Essay -- Adolf Hitler Nazi Germany Biography Essays

Adolf Hitler Adolf Hitler was born on April 20th, 1889 in Braunau, Austria. He was the fourth child of Alois Schickelgruber and Klara Hitler. The couple’s first three offsprings died as children, but more two more were born later, in addition to Adolf’s half siblings from his father’s previous marriage. A housemaid described Adolf’s father as a strict but comfortable man, and his mother was known to give Adolf much love and affection. As a child, Adolf was very skilled at artwork, and even went to a special school for awhile, but he didn’t do well there. His father died in 1903 of a pleural hemorrhage, and his mother died in 1907 of breast cancer. Hitler spent six years in Vienna, Austria, the center of anti-Semitism. He was virtually penniless. These years helped him develop prejudices about Jews, and an interest in politics. At the time, two of his closest friends were Jewish and he admired many Jewish art dealers and operatic performers and producers. Hi tler later was arrested for avoiding military service for World War I. When he was eventually caught, he was found â€Å"unfit†¦too weak†¦and unable to bear arms.†1 Later, he served four years. Near the end of the war, Hitler was partially blinded when he was exposed to poison gas. In 1919, Adolf joined the German Workers’ Party (later renamed National Socialist German Workers’ – or Nazi – Party). In 1921, he was elected as the party’s chairman, or Fà ¼hrer. Later in 1923, Hitler led an uprising against the Weimar Republic, the German government. Unfortunately for him, the uprising failed, and he was sentenced to five years in prison. He only served nine moths of this sentence though, during which he dictated his auto-biography, Mein Kampf (My Struggle). "[The Jews'] ultimate go... .... p. 17 2. Ibid., as cited in Fleming, pp. 28-29 Found at: Adolf Hitler Quotes Great liars are also great magicians. Adolf Hitler The only people I have been able to use are those who fought. Adolf Hitler My will decides. Adof Hitler "The German people is not warlike nation. It is a soldierly one, which means it does not want a war but does not fear it. It loves peace but it also loves its humor and freedom." "Nature is cruel; therefore we are also entitled to be cruel. When I send the flower of German youth into the steel hail of the next war without feeling the slightest regret over the precious German blood that is being spilled, should I not also have the right to eliminate millions of an inferior race that multiplies like vermin?" (Adolf Hitler, cited in Joachim Fest's 1975 "Hitler")

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Words of Encouragement

Patrick Draughn Words of Encouragment From the outgoing class of 2012 to the incoming class of 2013 we would like to say congratulations to you all, you made it. It has been a long and the finish line is gradually approaching. This upcoming year will be the best and worst time s of your high school experience. There will be times when you can’t wait to get to school to show off your new outfit or to attend homecoming week. There will also be times where school is just not where you want to be today and your body will go but your mind stays at home.These times will come and these times will go but the one thing you must remember is not to forget why you come to school. Do not forget why you are attending high school. Don’t forget about the test on Monday because you were out with your friends this weekend and didn’t feel like studying. Don’t forget about the paper due next week because you were too busy deciding what to get Brittany or bobby something for t heir birthday. Don’t be late to class because you couldn’t decide what to wear with your fresh outfit or what accessories will match your dress.No this is not the time to slack off now is not the time to conduct the infamous virus known as senioritis. Now is the time to focus on your studies, guide your way through the path to graduation, and if you decide start figuring out what college you would like to attend if you haven’t decided already. To the prospective college students now is definitely not the time to get behind on your studies but to get a study plan started. Trust me it will be a necessity. I know there will be times where you feel like giving up and wanting to quit.I’ve been there, I’ve been up all night typing papers and having to get up at the crack of dawn the next morning for class. I’ve been beaten up in practice and having to come home to chores, siblings, and homework. I had the job where you had to work on weekends and homework was due Mondays instead of Wednesdays. I never said the road to graduation was easy but I promise it will be worth it, and after that road ends many more roads will begin to form. It’s always wise to plan your next destination and whether it may be college, military, workforce, or etc. make sure you’re making the right decision for yourself and no one else.You have control of your own destiny. I remember my senior year I was commander of the entire ROTC at my high school, captain of two sports teams, and I also had a job. Although there were times when giving up felt like the easiest thing to do I had to sit back and think was it the RIGHT thing to do. I received many rewards; honor roll, medals, even a state championship ring so it’s say to say I have accomplished many things throughout my high school experience but my biggest achievement was walking across that stage looking my principal in his face and shaking his hand while he gave me my diploma.I k new that I was finally finished everything was complete. I remember sitting down with my grandmother who is is a big influence on my life. We sat down and talked about college she told me how no one in our family has ever been to college and if I decided to go id be the very first. That was more than enough motivation for me to choose the right path for me so hopefully the right path for you students will be easy as well. In choosing your path I want you to remember one thing that my grandmother always told me.My grandmother was a very wise woman and although we had many conversations I never remember them all but I do remember that specific conversation over the rest because she told me something that has been engraved in my mind ever since that night. She said people can take a lot of things from you money, cars, clothes, homes, even your life; but there’s one thing no one will never be able to take from you and that’s your education. So to the upcoming senior class of 2013 I say good luck congratulations and may your road or path guide you to your destiny.

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ACD-IP PBX Request for Proposal (RFP) Free Essay Example, 2500 words

Genesys also runs on all leading and multiple server platforms, and this makes it more flexible than all the other packages since its software can run on Windows 2003, IBM AIX, Linux, Solaris or even HP-UX. The general total cost of installation of Genesys 7 suite with 300 enabled seats included ranges from $1725 for inbound voices up to $2800 to include email and web incorporation. Incorporating outbound dial will cost an additional $725 to $1750. Genesys 7 suite does not have additional cost associated with reporting since they are included in the default package. Interactive Intelligence offers the Customer Interaction Center package that can handle 100 agent seats as the default, but seats can increase with changes in pricing (Brooks, 2014). Customer Interaction Center is a very integrated multimedia center with only one point of administration that can handle all workgroup, agent definition, call-flow handling (voice, email IVR processing, and chat) and multimedia. The cost of acquisition and installation of Customer Interaction Center ranges from $2751 for voice to $3662 that will include all hardware and media. Other additional costs will be incurred in installation of multimedia recording, IVR/ASR and outbound dial that will cost around $725 and an additional $3750 for server software. We will write a custom essay sample on ACD-IP PBX Request for Proposal (RFP) or any topic specifically for you Only $17.96 $11.86/pageorder now Report handling in customer interaction center will not incur extra costs. Mitel Company offers the Mitel 6100 contact center solutions that are comprised of many solution pieces that work together when fitted. Mitel has a good integration with Microsoft environment and all its software run on Microsoft servers. Mitel 6100 offers an efficient agent interface that is based on Microsoft Outlook. TheCRM applications of Microsoft support many media types, live communication server and Microsoft Windows 2007. It provides strong SIP-based presence, video conferencing and instant messaging. A limitation of Mitel 6100 is that it can only run on Mitel PBXs. Mitel system will require other third party subsystems and other integration services. Mitel 6100 default package can support up to 100 agents but also differs with several pricing packages. The cost of installation and integration ranges from $805 to $2200 for a full multimedia package. There is no extra cost incurred in reporting, CTI/APIs, outbound dial since they are mostly custom development. Siemens Company offers the Siemens hiPath proCenter standard, which has the best call flow design. The design can provide a way of assembling custom program subroutines that will automate handling and routing of multimedia messages, calls, and streams in a busy contact center.

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Maintaining Audiences Interest in The Crucible by Arthur...

Maintaining Audiences Interest in The Crucible by Arthur Miller There are many ways in which Arthur Miller Captures and maintains the audiences interest in his 20th Century play, The Crucible. Right from the start of the play Arthur Miller uses Dramatic devices such as curiosity to capture the audiences interest. He maintains the audiences interest right throughout the text by using themes, which are still relevant today. He also uses the storyline to maintain the audiences interest. Arthur Miller uses the language in a very attention-grabbing way, as I have found that his description/portrayal of characters and when he directly addresses the audience also helps to maintain the audiences interest. Arthur Miller wrote†¦show more content†¦This creates a special bond with the reader and the text and it helps to capture their interest. The main themes in the text are; The Supernatural; Betrayal; Love; Hysteria; Violence; Insanity; lust; Passion; Loyalty and Jealousy. These themes help to add more detail to the play hence making it more enjoyable and interesting because many of them are still relevant to day. The theme of love is a prominent feature in the play, which will still be relevant to an audience of the future as well. This theme is displayed throughout the text, but first appears when we see Abigail and proctor together and talking about the past. The theme of the supernatural is also consistent and it is what makes the story so interesting. The Devil seems to play a rather large part in the society. Anything linked to abnormality is linked to the devil. It is a marvel. It is surely a stroke of hell upon you, yet again an accusation of Goody Putnam that the Devil is upon Betty. It seems that Goody Putnam is having fun making these accusations, which could ruin Reverend Parris establishment in Salem. It refers to Goody Putnam being shiny-eyed and very pleased with it while accusing Parris household. The theme of hysteria is the base of the story, this is because people keep accusing each other of witchcraft to get of

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American Flag And Draft Card Burning - 1190 Words

The novel by William Bennett Turner examines First Amendment cases throughout history, discussing Yetta Stromberg, Dannie Martin, Raymond Procunier, Earl Caldwell, and others, describing the impact of Communists, Jehovah s Witnesses, prison wardens, and others that have impacted First Amendment rights in the United States. The central issue in the Stromberg case was whether the state of California violated the First and Fourteenth Amendment by making it illegal to display red flags that suggested support of organizations that dissented organized government or favored anarchic action (Communism). This case was a significant landmark in constitutional law because of the Court’s use of the Fourteenth Amendment to protect a First Amendment right, symbolic speech, from state infringement. It impacted American society in a positive way because it expanded the freedoms in the First amendment and created the doctrine that would be used in cases involving subjects like American flag an d draft card burning. The Supreme Court ruled accurately, the government cannot outlaw speech or expressive conduct because it disapproves the ideas expressed. â€Å"Nonverbal expressive activity can be banned because of the action it entails, but not the ideas it expresses.† (pg.25) Jehovah’s Witnesses were convicted on a charge of breach of the peace for playing a phonograph record that was critical of the Catholic religion to the people he encountered on the street, his intent was to proselytize. ThisShow MoreRelatedA Political Demonstration Of The Dallas City Hall1118 Words   |  5 Pageswith burning an American flag in protest against the policies, where Reagan sought to stimulate the economy with large tax cuts. Johnson was tried and convicted, under Texas law, of the desecration of a venerated object. The State Court of Appeals affirmed the actions, until the case advanced to the Supreme Court after the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals reversed the conv iction, holding that the State (consistent with the First Amendment) could not punish Johnson for burning the flag in theseRead MoreIs Flag-Burning Constitutionally Protected?2303 Words   |  10 Pagesthrough the First Amendment’s Free Speech Clause. Thus, American citizens can openly discuss political matters; criticize the President and his Cabinet on television, radio talk show or in the newspaper; or publicly protest against the government tax policy. However, Free Speech protection becomes debatable when some American citizens burn the nation’s flag to express their disagreement to the government. The act of burning the American Flag should be constitutionally protected under the First Amendment’sRead MoreFlag Burning In America Persuasive Essa Essay example1314 Words   |  6 Pagesï » ¿Chantay Brooks PHI-105 November 16, 2014 Instructor Benjamin Perlin The American Flag can be seen in many public places. You see it in schools, government building, stores and hanging in our homes. Those stars and strips are a symbol of freedom to many people across the nation. But is also represents civil liberties that became the pillars this country was founded upon. Flag Burning should be legalized because it allows those who feel disenfranchised the freedom of speech, the Constitutional rightRead MoreFreedom And Freedom Of Speech Essay2518 Words   |  11 Pages(1919), the issue was whether the First Amendment would be violated when Congress made a law that conflicted with dissent in wartime. â€Å"A unanimous court upheld the conviction of a man [named Charles Schenck] who had used the postal system to send anti-draft leaflets† (Trager 60). The Court decided that when the nation was at war, speech that might be protected in peace time could be prohibited in wartime if it tended to do harm (Trager 60). The pamphlets were found to violat e the Espionage Act of 1917Read More Symbolic Speech Should Be Protected Essay2523 Words   |  11 Pagesunpopular one† (Landmark Cases). However, the actions of Americans that are included under â€Å"free speech,† are often questioned. Many people support the theory of â€Å"free speech,† but may oppose particular practices of free speech that personally offend them. This hypocrisy is illustrated by the case of Neo-Nazis whose right to march in Skokie, Illinois in 1979 was protested by many, but ultimately successfully defended by the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU). The residents of this predominantlyRead More Flag Burning and the First Amendment2123 Words   |  9 Pages   Ã‚   Your First Amendment rights are extremely close to being violated by none other than the United States Congress. I refer to the Flag Desecration Bill that, if passed, would do irreparable damage to our right to free speech and undermine the very priniciples for which the American flag stands. Fortunately, West Virginians have an ally in Sen. Robert C. Byrd. Sen. Byrd, who previously favored the bill, now fights to protect our rights by stopping the passage of this bill. I applaud his standRead MoreFree Speech : A Free Society975 Words   |  4 PagesSymbolic actions such as wearing black armbands in school and draft-card burning fit this category. Symbolic speech is highly controversial, and as a rule, the courts have sometimes considered it to be beyond the limits of free speech. However, the Supreme Court did uphold the right of an individual to burn an American flag in the 1989 Texas vs. Johnson decision. ( MoreTattoos And The First Amendment Essay2170 Words   |  9 Pagesindividuals such civil liberties as the freedom of religion, speech, press, assembly, and petition. Freedom of speech preserves not only an individual’s right to vocally express themselves unabridged, it also allows them the right to burn the American flag, engage in silent protest, and more recently (2016), get a tattoo. In some respects, freedom of speech has come to mean the freedom of communication. Communication can be defined as the exchange of a thought or an idea between two individualsRead MoreFreedom Of Speech : The United State Of America Essay1263 Words   |  6 PagesJustified by the Supreme Court, not all speech is allowed by the First Amendment due to the risk of interrupting peace and causing violence. [3] II. DEBATES ON FREEDOM OF SPEECH Many people debate on what is covered through Freedom of Speech such as: flag-burning, music lyrics, hate/discriminatory speech, etc. Some feel limits should set on what is included in Freedom of Speech; whereas, others feel no limitations should be given. The U.S. Supreme Court often struggles to decide what constitutes protectedRead More How the Vietnam War Effected the American People and the American Presidency2291 Words   |  10 Pagestroops and the?USSR and the Peoples Republic of China furnished munitions to North Vietnam and the Vietcong. ?Despite the massive American aid, the VC numbers continued to increase. By November 1961, the VC fighting forces had grown from the ?2,000 fighters that had been left after Diems ruthless anti-Communist ?campaign in 1957, to nearly 16, 000. Regardless of American weapons and money, the VC was winning the support of the villagers.?The US military response to the deteriorating position in South